Cursed Treasure 2

Cursed Treasure 2


The hordes of good heroes come again once more! And they are hungry for gems more than ever because The King himself wants the stones for his private needs. Gather the evil forces, build towers, upgrade, drink soda, cast the mighty spells, do whatever you can but don’t let them touch your gems!

Cursed Treasure 2 is an exciting and challenging strategy game that puts you in the shoes of the dark lord and his minions. Your mission is to protect the precious gems that are hidden deep in the caves from the greedy and wicked enemies who seek to steal them.

To achieve your goal, you must build a strong defense along the path that leads to the gems. You have three different types of towers at your disposal: the lair, the crypt, and the temple. Each of these towers has unique capabilities and can be upgraded to increase its effectiveness. For example, the lair houses skilled archers that can shoot arrows at the enemies, while the crypt is home to the undead, who will stop at nothing to protect their treasure. The temple is the most potent of all towers and unleashes powerful demons that can decimate the enemy forces.

To build these towers, you need money, which you can earn by defeating enemies. You can also use dark magic, such as meteor showers and curses, to deal massive damage to your foes. As you progress through the game, you'll encounter different types of enemies, including ordinary soldiers, champions, and bosses. Defeating these enemies will not be easy, and you'll need to use all your cunning and strategy to emerge victorious.

Cursed Treasure 2 features many new levels, enemies, and buildings, as well as impressive graphics and special effects. The game is engaging, challenging, and addictive, and you'll find yourself spending hours trying to protect your precious gems. Upgrade your towers, use your magic, and work together with your minions to defeat the enemies and emerge victorious. Cursed Treasure 2 is a game that's sure to provide you with hours of fun and excitement.

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