Strategy Games

If you are interested in strategy games, we recommend an exciting selection to develop your logical gameplay capability, create exciting strategies to help you win the battles. These games will help you develop your player skills, dexterity and motricity, logical thinking, space vision, imagination and creativity. Choose any type of game and enjoy our free offer. You enter into battle or war and learn to attack, defend, create defensive and offensive lines alongside well-trained soldiers who form the intervention team.

Now you have strategy games that are ideal for passionate boys of anything that has to do with logic, logistics, and the creation of game strategies. You can play with famous characters, participate in battles with pirates, robots, monsters, soldiers, gladiators, mercenaries. Learn to build fortresses or springs and create defense, fight with submarines or UFO spacecraft. Explore the treasure areas and follow a logical line to solve the game's needs. Search for the rescue route on the island where you have been wrecked or for the garden invaded by pests.