Pokemon Games

Here you can find all kinds of Pokemon games that will delight any age or preferences. If you like to hunt Pokémon, accept challenges in jumping, to drive a truck, you build defenses, have fun with their favorite characters living the fantasy adventure, then choose which version you like and invite your friends to your accompany the great fun that awaits you along with Pokemon games. This game Satoshi Tajiri was created in 1996 and is owned by Nintendo. The name is a contraction of the words Pokemon Pocket Monsters, ie pocket monsters. Initially, the goal was to play pokemon catch them all. Because mass hysteria created, Nintendo decided to modify the rules: to win, you must beat leaders hall and win the league.

If you hunt Pokémon captured, then surely you'll love these Pokemon games. Now you have the chance to care for the Pikachu to the hospital, to prepare a cake to look famous Pokemon or even to test your memory in our exciting games.

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