Welcome to the deadly arena! Here you will find a real hack in the style of the most famous slashers. Are you ready to demonstrate your agility and maneuverability in order to get the first place and become the main legend of the spectacular battle? Then, we invite you to the game "Dash Party for Two"! The game consists of two modes - for one and for two. This means that you can play alone against the computer crowd, or with a friend for two against everyone. If your friend is a great player, then why not take a couple of rounds and find out which one of you is cooler?

The player will slide around a large arena with sharp weapons in their hands. The main task is to chop all opponents, collect more gold and be the last survivor. As you eliminate opponents, your weapons will evolve into more powerful ones. Thus, an ordinary knife can turn into a chainsaw, and then the enemies will not say hello. Ahead of you are waiting for amazing fights, a variety of game arenas and the coolest weapons. Good luck!

Dash Party was added in Two Player Games.