DEAD WARFARE Zombie Shooting Gun Games
DEAD WARFARE Zombie Shooting Gun Games
DEAD WARFARE Zombie Shooting Gun Games

DEAD WARFARE Zombie Shooting Gun Games

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The adventure in this game begins with bad luck, your team is trapped in a museum full of zombie hordes. The shooters have to fight at all costs, even if it's outside and they have few weapons. But a secret is discovered that makes these survivors strongly believe in their target. Their real war begins.

  •   Collect weapons and shoot all the zombies in this FPS shooting game!

It offers:

  • A massive variety of weapons with which to exterminate all zombies
  • 3D characters and realistic survival-themed looks
  • FPS and a lot of excitement
  • Defend your base and fight other survivors to complete your mission in this war
  • Save other shooters and find new supplies and weapons
  • Lots of dangerous zombies but also Boss


  • Realistic lighting and texture features realistic characters, zombies, weapons and background
  • 3D characters have different looks and skill systems for a greater survival strategy
  • The guns can be viewed in 3D mode and can be customized with several pieces
  • Zombies and bosses have different behaviors and abilities


  • The characters are separated into different classes, with unique abilities and firearms
  • In this FPS game, your appearance and skills are based on the class and character types
  • Each class can use a kind of weapon, each weapon is effective against a certain type of zombie
  • The characters have levels and stars.


  • Dead zombies are dangerous with many types of behaviors and abilities
  • The bosses look like giants and can snatch any creatures near them
  • There are always new types of zombies, which appear in new locations of survival
  • Choosing the right firearms can help you eliminate the zombies faster


  • Many types of weapons can be viewed in 3D
  • Shooting guns can be customized with various parts
  • Special effects make weapons more powerful and effective
  • All types of firearms can be found at random on the war map.


  • The player can defend and fight with opponents around the world
  • Protect your own survival base and destroy other buildings to get food and fuel
  • There is a ranking system to compare all players


  • FPS players can explore many deserted places to find supplies and survivors.
  • There are many different target locations, with new challenges and zombies
  • Each place of survival contains a secret waiting to be revealed to the player
  • Players must prepare a good strategy for the various battles in this war against zombies


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