Gun Games

If you like playing gun games, you will now have the chance to have fun with your favorite characters. Our games are both educational and fun. You can choose any role game you want, becoming cowboys, pirates, vikings or elite soldiers. Your chance to learn to shoot with the gun is right in front of your computer. Participate in fights and gun training exercises in targets, bottles or enemies by carefully exercising with the help of the mouse or the keys of the computer.

These gun games help you discover a great virtual world where you can fight on Earth or in space, shoot at carnival, in high gear, participate in battles with Legend of the Void or Counter Strike characters, or even Take part in the gangsters war. Adventure comes to your home through our games that teach you to choose the right strategy to shoot enemies, look into space to understand where the danger comes from, to test your shooter skills. Challenge your friends and even organize your gun rides to see who gets the most points.