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Action Games GTA Games Gangster Shooting Police

Welcome to the Gangster Shooting Police Simulator game. Would you like to play gangster games? If yes then this game is for you. In the Gangster Shooting Police game try to survive every mission of a gang's war. In every mission, there is a calculated time. In that time you have to complete your mission and show everyone what type of skills you have and who you are? Explore the big city, go off-roading in the mountains, steal and drive supercars, shoot from guns, and more in this free open-world game! You will go up against dangerous mafia gangsters coming from different places in different world environments and you have to rescue your gang members from them. Get ready to explore the big city and drive off-road automobiles and vehicles in the mountains. Be the ultimate hero in the thug thief's life. Evade cops, steal supercars, and shoot down various other gangs, if you want to survive this ruthless crime city and be a real superhero of the people.


  • Full of fun and adventure action games.
  • Many vehicles (trucks, tanks, sports cars, and other autos)
  • Plenty of weapons from the auto machine gun, and rocket launcher to jet pack and grenade
  • 3D open-world environment 
  • Different mission types: robbery, theft, killing, saving, etc. 
  • Unlock new powerful guns 
  • New map of the Grand City. 
  • Character and Costume selection 
  • Realistic sounds and gangster cars


  • W - Forward, S - Backward, A - Left, D - Right, 
  • Space – Jump, 
  • Right-Click - Aim, 
  • Left-Click - Fire, 
  • F -Vehicle In/Out, 
  • I -Instructions, 
  • Esc -Pause, 
  • R-Reset Car
Gangster Shooting Police was added in GTA Games.