You are waiting for another masterpiece from the series "Fire and Water". The incredible adventures of the little spirits of Fire and Water have won the sympathy of a huge number of gamers, from kids to adults. Now you will have a great opportunity to feel the charm of the atmosphere of ancient temples. In the game "Fireboy and Watergirl 3: In the Ice Temple", you will go to the far eastern temple in search of gems. They harbor the great power of the ancient gods. And now about the main thing. Welcome to the Ice Temple - an ancient shrine to ice and snow deities. Here you will find many winding labyrinths with secret passages and deadly traps. Compared to the previous parts, the game conditions have not changed much. Your characters, as before, will be two little guardians of the elements - Fire and Water. 

Fire Boy will be able to collect rubies and climb through fire pits. But the girl Water, as before, will collect sapphires and wade through puddles. But part number 3 "Fireboy and Watergirl 3" has a few surprises in store for you. There will be several ice traps in the Ice Temple. Namely, ice. The fire will be able to slide on them, however, in such cases, it will be difficult to control them. But for the girl Water will be more difficult. She will stick to ice cubes and walk along them for a long time. But this will be the solution. With the help of special mirrors, you can melt ice cubes and turn them into water, or vice versa, you can freeze water so that the Fire can pass through. Even though this is a game for two, you can play it without any help. To do this, you just need to play Fire and Water at the same time. After all, all the same, this is a game for two, and will be even more fun together with a friend. Good luck!


  • Use AWD to Move Watergirl and the Arrow Keys to Move Fireboy. 
Fireboy and Watergirl 3 was added in Fire and Water games.
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