Adventure Games Minecraft Games Red Stickman vs Monster School

Embark on a thrilling journey in "Red Stickman vs Monster School" where you control a skilled warrior in the iconic world of Minecraft. This time the events of the game will unfold in the legendary blocky world of Minecraft. Here you can not only have fun, but also hone your fighting skills against the zombies that have appeared in the picturesque village.

In "Red Stickman vs Monster School" you play as a stick man without weapons. Although Stickman does not have weapons and ammunition, his fists can replace a pistol. He owns martial arts and is ready to demonstrate them to every monster that meets on the way. Therefore, here you can wave your fists from the heart and cuff the nasty monsters. Destroy enemies, collect gold coins, upgrade your character and show everyone who is in charge here! Defeat the school of monsters and become the coolest fighter in Minecraft! Enjoy the game and good luck!

Red Stickman vs Monster School was added in Minecraft Games.