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Counter Strike is a shooter game, one of the most popular and sought after by gamers. The game has undergone a lot of changes from half-life mode but also has expansion as Source, Conditon Zero, and Global Offensive. There are two teams in the game who are struggling to meet their own goals. The two teams are Tero and Counter, they have different missions. The goals of both teams differ on each game map. On bombs, bomb counters need to defuse bombs and terrorists place it and keep it. On those with hostages, councilors have to save the hostages and the terriers prevent them from doing so. The round ends when a team finishes the goal / mission or eliminates all members of the enemy team.

Play Counter Strike games online, the first action game in the world. Engage yourself in an incredibly realistic war of terror warfare in this highly popular team-based game. Align with your teammates to complete strategic missions. Choose one of the two camps you want to join and eliminate all the enemies. The role you have in the team affects the success of the whole team. Team success affects you directly, so be a good leader.