"Territory War" is a thrilling strategy game that challenges players to gather their troops, plan their attacks, and capture the enemy's camp. The objective is to win the battle by retaining control of the field, and players can do this by upgrading their camp to gain more troops. As the commander of the army, players must lead their troops into battle and make strategic decisions on how to use their troops effectively. The enemy camp is located on the other side of the battlefield, and players must defend their own camp from counterattacks while attempting to capture the enemy's. 

The game features stunning graphics, realistic sound effects, and immersive gameplay, making players feel fully transported to a world of war and strategy. With multiple levels of difficulty, players can progress from novice to expert and save their progress for future battles. As the battle progresses, the player must make strategic decisions on how to use their troops, deciding which troops to send into battle and which to keep at the camp for defense. The player can also upgrade their camp to increase their army's strength and capabilities, allowing them to defeat more powerful enemy forces. The player can upgrade the camp's barracks to increase the number of soldiers that can be recruited, the armory to improve the soldiers' weapons and armor, and the stables to acquire faster and stronger horses for their cavalry. "Territory War" is a must-play for fans of strategy games.

Territory War was added in Strategy Games.