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Kart Games

Little rally drivers will be proud of these kart games that can be easily played and can win the kart championship.
Players looking for thrills can try the games in which massive kart battles take place! Get rewards, crush your enemies and try to become number one in multiplayer Kart games.

Pedal Go-Karts
Children want to play imitating the behavior of adults, to drive cars, to control the steering wheel of an outdoor mini-vehicle, instead of the classic bicycle handlebars. And what better way to start than with pedal vehicles? Online you can play a wide range of such games with kart cars even with pedals.

Kart racing
In kart games you have to control the character that drives a kart to win races in the first place or go further and accept the .io challenges in which you drive these kart cars and push other opponents from the platform. Definitely, you have to be the last player to resist on the map.

Are you ready for kart and shooting games? The battle begins now! choose your favorite game, invite your friends and start the game. You can use rockets, mines and lasers to win against opponents.