Steven Universe Games

For lovers animated series American, we offer a great collection of Steven Universe games. Now you have the chance to help Steven Universe, who is half-man, half gem, to save the world using their magical powers that he inherited from his mother, Rose Quartz. Using the arrow keys, you can accompany children on Steven Universe adventure, jumping and avoiding enemies or puzzles can achieve with their favorite characters.

Gamers have the opportunity to test free our collection of  Steven Universe games, accepting the challenge of the cartoon to participate in specialized training in space with him and his friends simply by clicking the mouse to jump one pipe to another and collect coins. Children can help him on Steven Universe to participate in dangerous mission to rescue his pet animal, a goat in distress in a temple is demolished. Gamer skills will help you save the goat and able to help Steven to become a hero, using the arrow keys to run and the spacebar to jump.

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