Trolls games

We invite you to discover the most beautiful Trolls games clothe them, Hairstyle their hair, solve puzzles, create characters, start adventures, find hidden objects and solve math tests. Be with Poppy Branch in the great adventure of saving the trolls. Poppy is pink troll, a relentless optimism, likes to sing and to become queen. And Branch is the opposite of Poppy. It is a troll gray, morose, pessimistic, likes solitude.

These Trolls games ride in a colorful and wonderful world, populated by trolls extraordinarily optimistic and happy. Dance and sing, learn what is happiness with them. Let yourself be enveloped by this world unique and wonderful, glitter and bright colors, and have fun with your favorite characters from the Trolls. Match pictures or play with a memory game or maybe you'd like to color the characters in Trolls.

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