Mystery games

Do you like to play the detective and find out what's behind every thing? We recommend mystery games designed to help you develop your logic thinking, research skills, learn how to look for clues and especially how to use them to unravel the mysteries that surround you. There are many places around us that could hide mysteries, so now you have the chance to find out what's in the haunted lighthouse, get rid of the magical and strange realm, find out what's going on in the school or in the jungle temple, the tomb of the pharaoh, the secret lab, or even the castle.

Mystery games are entertaining and help children walk into a magical, exciting and captivating world designed to stimulate their imagination and to remove their fear of the unknown. Now you have the chance to discover the mystery of Da Vinci, the workshop, the gold dragon, the monster, King Arthur, a romantic dinner. Not all mysteries hide things that scare you. On the contrary, some are fun and interesting. Discover these mysteries alongside our characters and enjoy a unique adventure.

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