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In Huggy Wuggi games all we know is that he became famous all over the world after a terrible incident at the Poppy Playtime toy factory. One fine day, all the factory workers disappeared from there without a trace. And the reason for this was precisely this nightmarish toy. Gradually, the factory turned into an abandoned place that attracted stalkers and thrill-seekers. It was these guys who began to talk about the terrible monster that turned Poppy Playtime into a resident of evil.

In the "Huggy Wuggi" games section, we have collected the coolest games for you, where you can not only get to know the legendary monster, but also face it face to face. It will be scary, creepy and exciting at the same time! Those who like to tickle their nerves are waiting for horror quests and survival games. Players will wander through an abandoned factory, ventilation, forest thicket and other places where Huggy Wuggi likes to hunt. There you will meet not only with him, but also with other killer dolls: Kisi Misi, Killy Willy and Poppy. You can meet these guys in numerous tests and quizzes that will reveal to you the biggest secrets of Poppy Playtime. Also, players are waiting for fun runners, song competitions in the style of fnf and the most incredible adventures!