Serving Games

Be diligent in these serving games a waiter served and serve customers who come to your restaurant. Today we have the opportunity to discover what it means to work in the cafeteria of mr. Bean or restaurant Elsa, to serve food at the airport or at a sushi restaurant in LA, to prepare pizza or romantic meal, go to the restaurant or pirate dwarves. You can be top chef, chef or waiter with mask, super sushi chef and even be bartenders and serve drinks with the girls in Equestria and Ariel.

In these serving games you can hire served as a waiter. It's fun to play this role, you will discover that being a waiter is beautiful and learn new things. Our games are offered for free, there are clear instructions from the beginning and throughout the game is very easy playing them. In some games you have at the same time and cook the food that is going to serve. You can work in Papa Louie's restaurant, the restaurant pandas or penguins. Now you have the opportunity to participate in our games and have fun with your favorite characters.

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