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Waitress Games

All these waitress games are available have fun and challenge your friends to play together. Girls will be able to show off their skills in games serving food at a fast food restaurant, cooking beverage at a bar, both in plane and in the restaurant, cafeteria or on the beach. Now you have the opportunity to play the waitresses, barmanitele in exotic locations and have fun serving food required by the customers or guests at the wedding party.

I selected with great care and attention waitresses games for girls willing to have fun and challenge their friends to learn new things. Our games are free and are easy to use. Just choose your favorite game, to open it, carefully read the rules of the game, follow step by step the indications given from the beginning, and those on the game. Use the mouse or computer keyboard to address their game. Now you can choose games with zombies, penguins, elves or aliens can serve cakes or ice cream, Italian or Japanese food.