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Papas Scooperia game

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Pappa Louie's new restaurant comes in front of ice cream admirers, and opened Scooperia. Since its opening, it has become very famous throughout the city. Most of the time, Papa Louie's gelateria is very crowded, and whole tails are formed to get a spoonful of ice cream. Gelateria The Pope Luke's Scoopia has become known for its unique aroma flavors with plenty of delicious toppings, as well as freshly baked cupcakes and delicious syrups. In this game, you will experience how it is to work at the Scoop of the Pope. Since you are hired, you will be the ice cream store manager, it must be very fast and precise to take over the client's order so that they will not lose their patience and get angry. After getting the customer's order, quickly go to the kitchen area to prepare his or her order. All of the ingredients such as flavored ice creams, syrups, cookie doughs, and toppings are readily available so all you have to do is to choose and use those needed ingredients for the customer's order. Be very mindful in choosing the right ingredients so that all of the notes listed on the ticket is properly handled. After preparing the order, serve it to your customer. You need to properly prepare their orders to gain more satisfaction rate and also, for you to get higher tips from the customers. Also, you have this so-called closer customer. They are very picky and meticulous so you have to carefully prepare their orders. You can purchase some upgrades for your ice cream parlor such as furniture, posters, wall or floor decors, and some new clothes. With these upgrades, your customers will find your shop to be more attractive, new, and eye-friendly to look at. You can also do some parades to attract customers. In this way, you will gain more attention from the people in your town.edientele, cum ar fi crema de gheata aromata, siropurile, aluaturile cookie si topping-urile sunt disponibile, astfel ca tot ce trebuie sa faceti este sa alegeti si sa folositi ingredientele necesare pentru comanda clientului. Fi?i foarte aten?i în alegerea ingredientelor potrivite, astfel încât toate notele enumerate pe bilet s? fie tratate corect. Dup? preg?tirea comenzii, o servi?i clientului. Trebuie s? preg?ti?i ordinele în mod corespunz?tor pentru a ob?ine o rat? mai mare de satisfac?ie ?i, de asemenea, pentru a ob?ine sfaturi mai mari de la clien?i. De asemenea, ave?i acest a?a-numit client mai apropiat. Ei sunt foarte preten?io?i ?i meticulo?i, astfel încât trebuie s? preg?ti?i cu aten?ie ordinele lor. Pute?i achizi?iona unele upgrade-uri pentru salonul de înghe?at?, cum ar fi mobilier, postere, decora?iuni de perete sau podea ?i unele haine noi. Cu aceste upgrade-uri, clien?ii dvs. vor g?si magazinul dvs. pentru a fi mai atr?g?tori, mai noi ?i mai aten?i la ochi. Pute?i face, de asemenea, unele parade pentru a atrage clien?ii. În acest fel, ve?i ob?ine mai mult? aten?ie de la oamenii din ora?ul dvs.

Papas Scooperia it was added Papa Louie Games.

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