Unikitty Games

Play these Unikitty games and be with her and her friends in a world full of magic. Unikitty lives in a magical kingdom with her brother Prince Puppycorn who is a hybrid between a dog and a unicorn. Other characters in the series are Dr. Fox, an intelligent fox who is a scientist and is passionate about science, who likes to create all sorts of inventions and experiments. We'll meet the faithful bodyguard Hawkodile and Richard, the royal counselor. Of course the negative characters: the foul Master Frown and Brock, his colleague.

Start in the adventures of these Unikitty games and save the kingdom, solve tests and play memory games. Princess Unikitty is Princess of the Uniregate, she is a hybrid between a cat and a unicorn. Joy is the emotion that best characterizes her, she is playful and optimistic. All she wants is that everyone in the kingdom is just as joyous and optimistic as she is.