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Battle Royale Games

Are you ready to enter a Battle Royale Games where only one player, the last one alive, will win? Know that only the strongest will succeed, and the weak have nothing to do here. If you still haven't left here, then get ready to plunge into a world where everything is against you. You will need to collect all your will in your fist and go in search of things that can help you survive. You are a soldier and you were thrown out of a plane into battle, but you have absolutely nothing to manage it. All means of protection and attack, you must get them yourself.

In Battle Royale Games, go explore the area for essential items: body armor and at least some weapons. Collect them, choose the best, equip yourself and get ready to enter the battle. But don't forget that you are not the only one, with you, on this same map, there are many more players who also want to survive and kill every one of any value. You don't have time to relax, because, with every minute, the zone where you can be without harm to your health will decrease. And if you fail to relocate to a safe place, it will slowly kill you. Therefore, constantly look at the map, where it moves, and be ready to fall out of place. You will have your inventory, where you can improve the weapon found, delivering various improvements to it: receiver, sight, compensator, and so on. Don't forget the first aid kits and boosters, they will make you stronger and more durable.