is an exciting multiplayer MMORPG in which you will have the opportunity to explore a huge open world, fight against other players and participate in boss raids! Before embarking on a journey through the mysterious lands, you can change the appearance of your character and choose a pet that will be a faithful companion in all your adventures.

To get started, we recommend going through a short tutorial, thanks to which you will get acquainted with the control features and basic game mechanics. Defeated enemies will drop various valuable resources that can be used to improve your performance. A large number of all kinds of weapons will be available for your choice, including two-handed swords, bows and magic staves. Create your own army to storm enemy castles or destroy especially dangerous opponents. But if you do not want to risk your life in fierce battles with monsters, then build a farm and sell crops in the city market. Join guilds, complete exciting quests and unlock amazing locations. Level up and learn new unique skills that allow you to attack opponents from a safe distance. Take part in the battle royale and show off your skills to win the battlefield! Open treasure chests, score as many points as possible and take first place on the leaderboard!

Cubox io was added in IO Games.