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Elena of Avalor Games

In the category of Elena of Avalor games we will meet the beautiful and brave princess Elena who saved the magical kingdom of Avalor from an evil witch. With the help of family and friends, she must now rule the kingdom as a crowned Princess, until she is old enough to be queen.Play these Elena of Avalor Games and accompany the princess on her journey to becoming a brave, powerful and compassionate queen.

From the magical story of Princess Elena, we find out that she was locked in a magic amulet by the witch Shuriki. But after the wicked Shuriki wandered away, she was released and became the new ruler of the kingdom, but she still has much to learn. She is only 16 years old, despite the time she has spent in the amulet she has all kinds of adventures that help her develop. Due to the magic of the amulet, it has various magical powers, and its royal scepter can create light or shoot with powerful lightning.