Princess Jasmine games

Princess Jasmine is the sixth Disney princess and is known from animated Aladdin, and in this section you will play a lot of games with princess Jasmine. Choose your favorite game and start in adventures full of magic, fly with flying carpet next to Aladdin. Jasmine to dress, makeup, hair styling, make-up manicure. You have the chance to be a fashion designer and dress up Jasmine in the most beautiful princess dresses, prom dresses, party or walk alongside other Disney princesses. You will play the role of the artist and you will make it, but also the role of the hairdresser where you will dress the beautiful black hair. You will accompany her to shopping, manicures or beauty salons, so Jasmine will turn from an Arab princess into a modern girl.

Jasmine doll is the main character in the animated cartoon Disney Aladdin and has for you a lot of surprises in this category of games with Princess Jasmine. Jasmine wears blue buffalo pants and a personalized top with glittering jewels. In many of these games, the Princess is alongside Aladdin, and alongside other Disney princesses. She goes on adventures with Jasmine and Aladdin, but also games where Jasmine is a baby, or pregnant. Choose your favorite game and walk alongside Princess Jasmine in the world of the Arabian desert, meet the movie characters, her father, sultan Agrabah and her tiger, Rajah.

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