Princess Anna Games

Princess Anna is known from the animated Disney Frozen movie, and in this section a lot of princess Anna games are waiting for you. Here you have the opportunity to dress her in the most beautiful princess dresses, prom dresses, party or walk. You will play the role of the artist and make her makeup, but also the role of the hairdresser where you will dress her lovely chestnut hair. You will accompany her to shopping, manicures or beauty salons. Anna is the little sister of Queen Elsa in the Arendelle kingdom, and embarks on a dangerous journey to save her kingdom from an eternal winter and bring her sister back. In many of these games, Princess Anna de Arendelle is with her big sister, Elsa, but also with the other Disney princesses and the charming Kristoff she falls in love with. Unlike her older sister Elsa, princess Anna is very eccentric, optimistic, full of energy and away from elegance.

Play princess Anna games where you start adventures in the kingdom of ice, but also games where she is pregnant, take care of her pregnancy and the little baby. Give her medical help at birth, then care for the little baby. Anna and Kristoff will be the happiest parents. Help them decorate the baby's room using a lot of decors and baby furniture. Choose your favorite game and walk alongside Princess Anna in a magical world on the frozen land with her sister, Queen Elsa and Kristoff.

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