Fairy games

Characters in your favorite cartoon will accompany you in the adventure of discovering the new fairy games. Come with us to learn to coat, dress or make up the characters of your favorite cartoon series. Have the opportunity to accompany your future mum to the SPA or prepare delicious muffins, play with winter festive or even participate in a fashion party!

Now you have the chance to discover more fairy games than in any other place next to Spring Frenzy, Violeta Fairy, Fire Fairy or Black Wing Angel. You can discover how to lay wings on fairies, to play with elves and witches, unicorns and goddesses, and the most important thing is you can become a fairy! You can have fun making a makeup for your favorite face or even turn a trolley into an elf. It sounds great, right? But what would you say if you had the chance not only to have a fairy but also to a pony with magical powers? Do you like arranging yourself like your mother? Then accompany her to the fairy to find out how you can do the same. Come along with us and bring your friends to enter a magical adventure alongside the fairy of your favorite stories, have fun together and create magic!