In the game "" you will find a dizzying space adventure along with funny astronauts. Here you have to transform one astronaut into a whole crowd! Sounds incredible, doesn't it? Do you want to transform your Amongaser into a huge army? Then, welcome to! The game will take place on board a spaceship.

How to play?
At first, your character will be a red traitor. To buy a new skin for an astronaut, you need to accumulate a certain amount of gold coins. Also, with the help of gold, you can pump the skills of your amongaser: increase the crowd at the start, increase speed, get a chance for a double clone and take more clones when killed. The game consists of one round, which lasts two minutes. During this time, the player needs to collect the largest crowd and take the first time in the top fox. You have to run around the main compartment of the ship in search of food.

At first, your army will consist of a main impostor and two little astronauts. Collect burgers, soda, hot dogs, coca cola, ice cream and mini pet bonuses to grow your crowd. Once your crowd is large enough, you can attack enemies and recruit their Amongasers. Gather the largest army on the ship and become the leader! Enjoy your game and good luck! was added in Among Us Games.