Gunzer io - Summon units with various types of firearms #2D multiplayer games, fun addictions, fun shots, unique guns, unique attacking groups. Bullets throughout the map of the first game of the new version with the character updates every month, made with the military and new military and then play it.... 

Summon:1-9 and a-z


  • Summon units with various types of firearms, both old and new.
  • Have fun shooting groups in your battle to win the battle. In the ultimate full-scale war, 18 teams play in online mode. No less than 10 players, cute 2D characters with guns.
  • Choose to build in the team. It can unlock better characters. Do not miss this opportunity!
  • The player must accumulate the power of the BOX POWER to build your own military team to form a gun to play. Each gun is different in speed.


  •   Build up to 18 teams.
  •   25 characters
  •   Guns 20+
  •   Play online
Gunzer .io was added in IO Games.