is a new fun io game where you enter the battle arena, armed with a HUGE hammer. Smash all your enemies! Win and take part in the next more difficult and more powerful battles! The rules have never been so simple: just smash other fighters and don't get hit! The last io survivor becomes the winner!

Before you go to the battlefield, you need to connect 2 random objects to create a new unique hero. At first, only one character will be available to you. But soon you will be able to unlock a whole squad of popular characters from animated series, films and comics, including: Deadpool, Robocop, Wolverine, Captain America, Superman and many others. You will find yourself in a small arena where you need to seal as many opponents as possible with your heavy hammer. This will allow you to quickly grow in size and gain a significant advantage over other competitors. The battle will continue until there is only one survivor left. Win every battle and earn gold coins to acquire new weapons. Ahead of you are 8 stunning locations, such as: a winter forest, a desert, a cemetery, an uninhabited island in the middle of the ocean and many other colorful maps. Spin the wheel of luck and get daily bonuses for entering the game! was added in IO Games.