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Adventure Games Pixel games Noob vs FNAF 2 Players

Noob vs FNAF 2 Player is an incredibly fast-paced multiplayer survival action shooter where you have to fend off countless attacks from hordes of crazed animatronics! In addition to the single player game, you will be able to use the two-player mode, which will allow you to exterminate crowds of enemies along with your friend. Before heading to the battlefield, you need to choose a difficulty level, as well as one of 90 unique skins for your character. Your choice will be presented with 6 amazing locations, such as: hospital, FNAF, Among As, Huggy, backstage and many other recognizable maps.

Soon, hordes of enemies will pour in from the opened portals, ready to tear you to shreds. Gather useful resources to build various defensive structures, including turrets, wooden fences, gunpowder barrels and many other structures. Hire residents who will help you in every possible way to hold back the onslaught of monsters. There will be 11 types of firearms in your arsenal, namely: pistols, shotguns, machine guns, large-caliber sniper rifles and even grenade launchers. If you get injured during the battle, then find something to eat as soon as possible to restore health. For more convenient control, you can remap the keys to your liking. Collect as many points as possible and take first place on the leaderboard!

Noob vs FNAF 2 Players was added in Pixel games.
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