Forest Invasion game


About the game

In Forest Invasion, alien spaceships have crash landed to the forest. You and your men were given the mission to eliminate them all before they can get to the city. Take them all out and leave no one alive. It's your sole duty to protect the human kind against these hostile aliens. Lead your team to victory! Unlock all the achievements in this game and kill as many as you can to earn points. The higher the points the greater the chance for you to be listed at the leaderboard!

Forest Invasion
How to play:

Arrow keys WWASD: Move 
Shift: Run 
Space: Jump 
X: Crouch 
F: Use Item 
P: Pause 
Mouse: Aim, Shoot, Zoom
R: Reload 
Scroll: Scroll Weapon 
L: Lock or Unlock Cursor

Forest Invasion it was added Shooting Games.

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