Special Forces Dust 2
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Special Forces Dust 2
Special Forces Dust 2

Special Forces Dust 2


Special Forces Dust 2 is the second part of the 3D action game in which you have the chance to control the force crews whether they are on the good side or on the opposite side.
 Choose which camp you want to be part of and defend or destroy the world as you wish!
    Are you ready to be part of a special forces unit in your country? It's time to show your incredible character and the skills needed to cope with these challenges in which you can play with up to 12 players in a team ready to snatch the final victory. Help your team navigate the environment with great care as you try to destroy all enemies with one blow and catch the flag that will lead you to victory. Cross through a hyperrealistic environment with immersive graphics and claim the final victory!

What are the highlights of Special Forces Dust 2?

  • Multiplayer action game in which you can fight against people around the world
  • Enjoy incredible hyper-realistic graphics.
  • Choose the part you want to be.
  • Kill your enemies to protect your territory
  • Buy all kinds of upgrades for the money you earn with each win.
  • Capture the flag of your opponent's team to claim victory

Special Forces Dust 2:

  • - Wonderful tactical movement system
  • - Multiplayer up to 12 players online
  • - Extremely detailed location
  • - Different weapon in the real world
  • - Play everything with friends
  • - Sniper mode
  • - AI system

Wonderful game modes:

  • - Team match
  • - Capture the flag
  • - Unfolding the bomb
  • - Weapons race
Special Forces Dust 2 was added in Counter Strike Games.
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