PixelForces.io is a challenging 3D shooting online game.
Pixelforces.io is a free arena battle game. Do you want your MTV? Are you willing to fight for it? 

Well, load up soldier because Pixelforces.io just might be your best opportunity to prove your worth. This is an arena battle game where pixelized players will use 5 different weapons to blast their way through the competition. 

Keep your trigger finger steady and your eyes peeled. Don't let anyone snipe you and always shoot first. This game starts you off with five fully loaded weapons. No need to search the map for ammo and discarded weapons. You'll be given everything you need and have the same opportunities as the other players.

 The weapons in the game are a rocket launcher, an Uzi, a Glock, a sniper rifle and a pump-action shotgun. Each weapon comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, the grenade launcher is an instant kill. But it takes a few seconds to re-load and if you are too close to the target it will also kill you.

 In order to effectively use the grenade launcher, you need to choose your shots carefully. The Uzi does very little damage per shot but offers you the ability to spray a ton of bullets. This is good for cover fire and sprays and prays.


  • Use the W,A,S,D and Arrow Pad to move your character around the map.
  • The left mouse button fires, the right mouse button aims.
PixelForces.io was added in IO Games.