In Minecraft Land of Survival, Steve is the main protagonist of online adventure challenges. Steve has a new adventure for you in the care of the pursuit to emerge inside the world and can stay permanently in our country in terms of radioactive status in space.

In this game, Minecraft Survival of the Earth, can control very well, we must be able to use

  • Left and right arrow keys on the tastes, which will face Steve Minecraft to change in the direction of governing.

You will have to make sure as soon as possible to reach the end of the challenge in terms of several points.

If the radioactive meteorites that have a green color have to return and we have to make sure that they can't leave one of them, therefore, for a new one, the game restarts and loses all points.

The main objective of each level is neat in this regard, but it is more score, so Steve from Minecraft will be able to appear and see how to unite on the ground now or fulfill points for each mushroom for care you manage to catch it .

Minecraft Earth Survival was added in Minecraft Games.
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