Welcome to Noob Miner Prison Break where you have to help Noob find a way to get out of the penitentiary and go back in search of the diamond apple! In the beginning, you will be given a starter set of tools, which will be enough to complete the initial tasks. Earned money can be used to upgrade an ore generator or unlock an elevator. In the upper right corner, the goal that you need to achieve will be indicated.

In the dining room, you can buy food and some potions that will make your work easier. Always stock up on food before going to the mine so as not to die of hunger. Visit the workshop where you will have the opportunity to buy a new pickaxe, torch, or even dynamite. Be sure to take a ladder with you, thanks to which you can greatly facilitate your descent and ascent to the surface. In the furnace, you can smelt certain resources in order to sell them more profitably on the local market. Go to the director's office and get free lucky blocks and many other useful things. Be extremely careful, because when falling from a great height, your character may lose one of 6 lives. Complete the game to one of 2 unique endings and free Nubik from imprisonment!

Noob Miner: Jailbreak was added in Minecraft Games.