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In the game called Sniper Skibidi Kill, the city is under attack by the mischievous Skibidi toilets! Prepare to witness a unique spectacle as these singing heads gather for a meeting on the rooftops of towering buildings. They have devised a new plan to intercept and endanger the townspeople. It is now your duty to eliminate these Skibidi toilets once and for all, eradicating them from the city. Are you ready to embrace the role of a skilled sniper and eliminate all the Skibidists? Let the game commence!

While the Skibidists deliberate and scheme, it is crucial that you take immediate action. Before the next stage of their sinister operation commences, wherein they will once again attack innocent townspeople, you must neutralize all the Skibidis who have ascended to the rooftops. Armed with your sniper rifle, it is your responsibility to complete the assigned tasks. Conserve your ammunition by strategically employing explosives. Positioned at a safe distance, you will remain undetected by your enemies. Take aim at each target and eliminate them swiftly. All that will remain of them is the skeletal remnants of their heads, signifying that the city is no longer in peril. We wish you success on your mission and hope you enjoy your time playing!

Sniper: Killing Skibidi was added in Sniper Games.
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