Upgrade your planet, create new planets and even send ships automatically. Conquer the universe! Just click and play.
The objective of the game Conquer as many planets as you can before the time runs out.

  • Send ships to other planets to own them Sending ships Time to own more planets? To conquer new planets you  need to send ships and kill the units in the destination planet. Once you do that you will own the new planet.
  • To send a ship, select your planet and then click on the destination planet. A ship will be prepared and send as soon as possible. Ship streams Tired of manually sending ships one by one? Now you can create a mship stream and it will send ships automatically. It will only send a new ship if the destination planet is not full and the origin planet has at least ~50% units.
  • To create a ship stream, click on the icon labeled "Stream", select the origin planet and then click on the destination planet. To delete the ship stream, just press on the platform with arrows. Create planets Time to expand your colony ... or just stuck? No problem, save some money and create a new planet.
  • To create a new planet, click on the icon labeled "Planet" and click on an empty space. Make sure there is enough space around, if it doesn't work, try again in another place, you will only be charged when a planet is created
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