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Stickman has returned with a new shooting game in which you play as a stickman who aims to try to survive in a big exchange of fire in Stickman Armed Assassin: Going Down. The game offers ragdoll physics, with high quality graphics and a switchable slow-mo.
Good luck!


  • Mouse 1: Firearm
  • Mouse 2: Raise the targets or lock them
  • W, S, A, D: Move player
  • Left Shift: Sprint
  • Ctrl left: bend
  • X: predisposed
  • Space: jump
  • F: Use the item
  • A: Recharge
  • H: holster
  • G: Throw a grenade
  • V: body attack
  • T: enter the bullet time
  • Esc or Tab: Pause
Stickman Armed Assasin Going Down was added in Stickman Games.