You are a deadly marine monster. Stab the enemies and hang their heads on your pike! is a game where you are a deadly marine monster that stabs your enemy with a tusk on your head, then decorate your weapon with your victims' head!

You can be a shark or whale or dolphin. There are more than 20 skins for you to choose from and also several weapons.


For PC:

  • Move your mouse to direct your fish. Click and hold to boost.

For Mobile:

  • 1st Tap to control your fish with a D-pad. 2nd Tap and hold to boost.


  • Stab or being stabbed mean instant death!
  • Collect Food to fuel your boost tank!
  • Killing enemies and eating food will give you scores.
  • Your weapon will grow longer as you achieve higher scores.
  • Chain Bonus Explained
  • A colored ring is indicated below every fish. 
  • Killing fishes with the same colored ring continuously will give you Chain Bonus.
  • Hall of Fame
  • The top 3 players with the highest score that day will be displayed in the hall of fame for a week. was added in IO Games.