8,5 / 10

Poppy Strike


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It's time for a big battle, where the strongest will win! In the game "Poppy Strike" you will face a real nightmare that will haunt you! Sounds scary, right? But sometimes you have to face fear in order to overcome it. Today you have to fight the army of Huggys Wuggy! The evil monster managed to clone itself and created many of its likenesses that will haunt you. But is it really possible to scare such a fearless soldier like you? Of course not! And now we will prove it!

Events will unfold on the map from the game "Counter Strike". You need to explore the area and look for the monsters that are hiding. Each round will last exactly two minutes, during which the player needs to destroy the maximum number of monsters.

 Be careful and don't let any Huggys Wuggy take you by surprise! If the monster strikes, you will lose and have to start over. At the beginning of each round, the player will be given a new weapon. Having collected the entire arsenal, you can kill all the monsters and become a hero!

Poppy Strike was added in Shooting Games.