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Hamburger Games

Now you have the chance to play using hamburger games, testing recipes and serving hungry customers. Lovers of fast food can begin to write down their recipes and make their shopping list. It's time to discover a new taste. Whether it's a sandwich with greens and cheese, meat or cheese, it is important to prepare good food and customers are satisfied. You can test to see if the machinery burger will facilitate or hinder your work to prepare and feed the hungry crew. Release the sandwich tray and use the mouse to repair the machinery so that food arrive safely to customers. There are 13 parts to be repaired so be careful not to lose valuable time.

Players hamburger games can choose what they want to test our vast offer. Whether you want to learn how to arrange the king hamburgers and play against the computer or you want to discover the story of Queen hamburger that need to raise money to buy their ideal outfit for a meeting with her lover, now you have a choice. The games are free and can be played just in front of the computer.