Papa Louie Games

We invite you to discover and work in Papa Louie's popular restaurants in this series of Papa Louie games. Cooks and serves customers loyal Papa Louie wine in restaurants. You're employed!!! But should you handle managing a large bakery that prepares the most popular donuts, pancakes and pies in town. You are responsible for most new restaurants Papa, where you'll take orders and cook pasta, you will prepare grilled cheese sandwiches. In Cupcakeria Papa Louie you'll cook a lot of delicious cakes for all customers. You sell hot dogs in a stadium full of supporters will prepare dishes with side dishes and chicken wings restaurant Winger. Running newest restaurant, Papa's Pancakeria and ready to cook pancakes, waffles, and French toast. In Freezeria Papa Louie you landed a summer job on the tropical island of Calypso amazing where you sell ice cream and refreshments tourists on the beach.

In addition to games and served in restaurants, we prepared a series of adventure Papa Louie games, in which chefs together with loyal customers have been kidnapped and we can only hope that someone will save. Most customers are defenseless and avoid the enemies faced. In the game Papa Louie 3, those who know swimming can also use this ability to swim against strong currents and explore uncharted aquatic caverns. Do not hesitate and fighting with the attackers and release prisoners. Travel through the jungle, swim in the sea and collect all sorts of treasure and coins. The adventure game Papa Louie 2, its delicious burgers turn into monsters and take away its customers and it will help you defeat monsters attack at all levels Burger throwing bombs and fighting to the last level. And the first platform game, was called: Attack Pizza when pizza was delicious turns into monsters and rob loyal customers and you will have to save.

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