Karate Games

Do you like martial arts moves and characters in action movies? Karate games stand now available at no charge, ready to be tested by you gamers who want to learn more than others. Now is your chance to test your karate skills using the mouse and keys to move around quickly in front of the enemy. Play with characters such as Pencak Silat King, Mario, Muay Thai, Karate Dragon Fist or even monkeys.

Our suggestion karate games is dedicated to those who want to train. Using arrow keys when learning to walk, to jump, to attack or to perform a roll maneuver so you can effectively defend but also to attack at the right time. You must survive enemy attack, earn points making as many moves suggested by the game to win the competition. Pay attention because the games involving multiple attackers using weapons including so move quickly and do not waste your time waiting to be attacked. Accept the challenge to learn to fight and develop your skills of experienced players.

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