Sheep games

If you love to discover new things, you have to accept our challenge to test sheep games. You have the chance to become the hero saving the big bad wolf poor sheep or catapulting them at bay, taking care of the animals on the farm and tunzandu their wool which is very useful to make hats, scarves, mittens or sweaters. Discover as picnic sheep or music band Sheep Beats (keep up with the musicians in the band and discover if you are quick enough and especially if you have an ear for music) help sheep at the gift shop to choose the gift according often gets home after lost by London, the British capital.

There is a great collection of sheep games that will allow players to display their talent and learn to play passionate logic and entertain you with our strategy games with dragalasele animals. You have the chance to play alone or in multiplayer variant, choose which version you find funnier and more challenging to you. Click the mouse and start the adventure with the lovely pets and discover step by step what to do to earn points and move to the next level.

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