Smurf Games

Enter a fairytale world in these Smurf Games. Smurf are blue and tiny creatures, measuring in height about three apples set over each other. Smurf live somewhere in the woods, in their mushroom-shaped houses, and feed on "smurfberries", fruits with a specific name, a kind of blackberry smurf.
In these Smurf Games we will see, as in cartoons like all Smurf wearing white trousers and hats. Except for the Great Dwarf, which has a red hat and 542 years old, everyone else wears white hats and is less than 100 years old.
The society of the stumbles is almost perfect. There are 101 smurf, all live in the same village, each of them has unique qualities but also defects.
They manage to get along with the difficulties, enjoy life and feel good. They have their stories and rules, and their only great trouble, in a peaceful existence, is the wizard Gargamel, the one who spends the days trying to catch, eat or do anything to destroy the Smurfs. Each Smurf has its own character: one is a glazier, one is lazy, another is a dreamer, one is a pelican. Each Smurf has something to do in the village, according to its qualities and the needs of others:

  • The Great Smurf is their leader and the only one wearing red. Makes magic potions in his lab. 
  • The Lazy Smurf sticks out anytime, anywhere and anywhere ... it's narcoleptic.
  • Handy Smurf, always with a pencil behind his ear, is ready to fix anything in the village. It is known by its inventions.
  • The Brainy Smurf seems to be an expert in any gift but insults almost all the time. He's a good friend of Clumsy Smurf.
  • The Clumsy Smurf, good friend of Brainy Smurf, is a gentle soul and likes to collect stones. His clothing is always wide and that makes him look negligent.
  • Smurf-tailor makes clothes for all the dregs in the village.
  • Smurf-farmer plants seeds for the whole village and deals with harvesting.
  • Smurf-dreamer is obviously a dreamer. His thought is always in other places or other things.
  • Smurf-musician is the village musician, but he does not have too many fans.
  • Smurf-painter is a true artist and speaks with French accent.
  • Vanity Smurf is the most powerful Smurf in the village, it does all the exercises and raises weights.
  • Jokey Smurf is known for his laughter and gifts that "explode". Whenever you hear "Be ready for a surprise!" Hide and cover your ears.
  • Smurffette was created by Gargamel to destroy the Smurf. Initially, Smurffette was the brunette, but by magic, the Great Smurf changed her character and her hair color. It's the first of the three Smurfphites in the village. Loves flowers and pink color.
  • Smurf-poet lives among the written words and always has a sheet of paper and paper. He is recognized for his voice and for the songs he plays.
  • Grouchy Smurf has a frowned look and his favorite expression is "I hate ... that or that!"
  • Smurf-baker is the cook of the village.
  • The Greedy Smurf loves most food.
  • Grandpa Smurf is the oldest of the Smurf, who returned to the village after a 500-year absence. He is arrogant, wearing glasses, hat, yellow trousers and a cane.
  • Puppy puppy is Homnibus's gift to the Great Smurf. Homnibus is a good wizard, a friend of the Great Smurf, both of whom spend a lot of time together playing chess or combining magic potions. Puppy is a good friend of the Smurf and protects them from Azrael, Gargamel's cat.
  • Baby-Smurf is the one who opened the magic medallion from the puppy's neck and became his real master. Bebe-Smurf brought him the stork and has, in turn, magical powers.

In honor of the lovers of blue dwarfs, these online games have also been created, which we invite you to play.