Kratt Brothers: Aviva s Eel-Ectric Challenge

Kratt Brothers: Aviva s Eel-Ectric Challenge

Cartoon Games Wild Kratts Games Kratt Brothers: Aviva s Eel-Ectric Challenge

The Kratts explorers invite you to join Aviva in an underwater adventure, where you have to respond to a thrilling challenge involving eels and marine life.
Aviva is with the fans of the animated series! Try the new "Aviva's Eel-ectric Challenge" game, but watch out for that Cayman!

In "Aviva's Eel-Ectric Challenge", children can test Aviva's new Eiva Power suit using its electromagnetic field to act as a real electric eel.

You will control one of the Kratt brothers, who is dressed in an eel suit, with which, like the creatures, you will be able to release electricity.

Your goal is to swim in the directions of the fish released into the water using the arrow keys, and when you really get close to them, you will have to press the space bar to drive them away.

 In each level, there are a number of fish that you will have to eliminate to win.

Kratt Brothers: Aviva s Eel-Ectric Challenge was added in Wild Kratts Games.
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