is an exciting multiplayer game that plunges you into the arena of continuously growing snakes. With its straightforward mechanics and crisp graphics, it's designed to keep you engaged for hours. In this game, you guide a small snake across a vast field, devouring glowing orbs that cause your snake to grow longer and thicker. This growth not only enhances your presence on the field but also boosts your chances to dominate the game.

However, size alone won't secure victory; strategic play is crucial. Use your length to block and outsmart other players, forcing them into fatal collisions with your snake. Each successful takedown lets you consume your opponents' remnants, further increasing your size and survival prospects.

As your snake grows, so does your ability to trap adversaries more easily, but beware of more adept players who might trap you instead. The ultimate aim is to survive long enough to encircle and outlast your opponents, climbing the leaderboards to become the longest snake in the session. offers a blend of relentless action and strategic depth, appealing to both new players and seasoned gamers. Ready to gulp down orbs, outgrow competitors, and slither your way to victory? Dive into the world of and strive to be the last snake standing.

Gulper io was added in IO Games.