Limax io is another wonderful, slither-like game, instead of playing as a snake this time you will be a worm-like character with the task of getting others out with a single route. The wonderful thing in Limax, which makes it different, is that the size does not guarantee that people are stronger, even the smallest players can take the best players through the tactical game!

How to play
In the world of Limax, start out as a small worm and eat dishes that naturally crawl around the map or food escaped by the players to win the table and become a bigger worm. As you earn the size you earn the score, your ultimate goal is to get to number one on the leader board and make sure people do not know how to mess with your worm abilities! To kill another player in this game, your route needs to connect with your head, because only your route can kill this means it can safely pass through other bodies of players, which may allow some wonderful surprises.

In order to navigate your worm in this world, simply use the mouse cursor to steer it and left click to increase the speed of your characters and leave a deadly weapon behind you. was added in IO Games.