Violetta Games

Until the emergence of the new season, we invite you to play the most beautiful Violetta games. Choose games where you need to make up and dress with the latest clothes, accompany it to your shopping or relaxing and beautified SPAs, sing with her, give her a helping hand when she is at a doctor, or at dentist; Solve puzzles or find differences between images. Whatever game you choose, the fun is guaranteed.

Putting it aside, we invite you to learn a few small secrets about her playing the most beautiful games with Violetta! You will see what her beauty tricks are, what kind of masks she puts on her face to moisturize and cleanse her complexion. You will spend a relaxing day with her at a spa salon. You can sort jewelry in one of the Bejeweled games. Violetta and Leon have prepared other surprises that they invite you to discover.

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