In the game "" you will fight sinister monsters, which you have only encountered before in movies and games. Already scared? But now you will stop being afraid when you know that you yourself will turn into a terrible monster. Cool, isn't it? And now is the time to dive into the epicenter of the battles and show everyone who rules here!

At the start of the game, only one monster will be available to you. This can be annoying, because among other skins there are mega cool and popular creepypasta and horror movie heroes: Slenderman, Werewolf, Mummy, Venom, Wendigo, Lilac Head, Tree Monsters, Hagi Wagi and many more others. To open access to a new skin, you need to earn a certain amount. To do this, go to the arena and destroy everything around - from pink soldiers and participants of the "Squid Game" to buildings and other monsters. To destroy another monster, you must exceed its experience level. For example, if your level is five, you can destroy a monster that is lower in rank four. On the field of each level, you will receive $50, which you can save or spend on pumping your monster's characteristics. This will help you win faster and become number one! Good game and good luck! was added in IO Games.